Watchmen HBO

Whether it is or it isn’t, the scene jars in the film so it’s a mistake of judgement either way.

I love the graphic novel and The Leftovers is probably in my top 5 shows of all time. Safe to say I’m pretty excited. I don’t watch any of the marvel nonsense that’s in cinemas each month so I don’t feel all super hero’d out yet either,

rorschach juggalos eh

Quite enjoyed the film tbh the trailer looks like HBO have chucked a fair bit of cash at this.

Oh yeah, forgot to have a look at the trailer…

Ooooo that looks really quite good. Nice.

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So long as this doesn’t revolve around is the old guy Dr Manhattan only for Dr Manhattan to be revealed at the end of the season. This looks pretty good.

Does this feel spoilery? I might hold off if it gives away a lot.

i dont think so, it just gives you more of a feel for what its going to be about rather than the previous one which gave basically nothing except rorschach juggalos

This was quite good bit confusing but, lots of promise. If you are into trent reznor & atticus ross soundtracks this is as good as the rest of them.

It was good but the dialogue was so fucking quiet. Had to put NowTV’s awful blocky subtitles on. I had cranked it up but then the gunfire would blast the baby awake.

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Hooooly shit

Now I’ve seen how good the reviews of the pilot are I’m going to wait until the whole thing is available to watch. Hate having to wait a week for something I’m mega excited about

I should do this, but I absolutely will not

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bearing in mind I knew absolutely nothing about it going in I reckon you’d be opening yourself up to a whole world of spoilers doing this…

Will I not have already done that by reading the graphic novel though?

Not really, this is set 30 (?) years later.

Ah ok. Might just crack on tonight then!

yeah it’s very very far removed from the original and even just the general premise is a spoiler (imo) so worth getting stuck in!

The original trailer has spoiled it for me just a tiny bit. Don’t click reveal unless you have seen the pilot and the trailers.

Who the old guy in the wheelchair claims to be in the original trailer completely spoils the mystery of who he is at the end of the pilot.