Watchmen HBO

i accidentally let the ‘coming next on the Watchmen’ thing play after the episode which was similarly annoying, hate those things


Coming next “Hi I’m the hero and I’m still doing stuff!”


Watched this last night and thought it was pretty great at setting up a tone and establishing key mysteries. Agree it got a bit confusing but if it can pay off some of the questions then I am on board.

The interrogation scene was fantastic

I may to have to reactivate nowtv

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Absolutely cracking first episode that.

Gonna try and actively avoid speculation and theories stuff for this and just watch episode to episode forming my own opinions.

Big fan of the alien squids falling from the sky

One of those rare films that I absolutely loved despite having never seen it.


No televisual media will EVER top the comic book. Why try?

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Check out my little buddy

I think he looks like the Watchmen squid monster


Well to be fair this doesn’t appear to be trying to top or even match the comic, unlike that risible film so… Who knows?


can’t stop thinking about the dildo in the briefcase(more keeping a dildo in a briefcase)


not sure i enjoyed episode 3 as much as the first 2, seemed a bit too exposition-y and went over old watchmen stuff too much. still good TV mind.

I am loving this very muchly.

Reread the comic AND rewatched the film today. Just wanted a refresher for the show.

Wish I could have seen the film without having read the comic first. It is a slavish adaptation of the comic. So many identical shots and exact dialogue. It’s a coherent film but also feels completely pointless. The music cues are laughable too. Genuinely cant say if it’s good or not.

On to the TV show now!

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You are definitely on the backfoot with this show if you haven’t read the comic. I’m quite surprised how much it calls back to the original.

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Scratch that, there’s between episode homework:

Love Jean Smart so much. Absolutely delighted to have her turn up. Pure class.


Yeah I did the same thing recently enough and it diminished my enjoyment of the film so much, it’s far too close an adaptation

Just caught up with the TV show, it’s broadly good but I’m still trying to figure out how all it all ties together. I almost feel like they’re being a bit too ambitious with all the different narrative threads that they’re handling.

Fuck me this show is just fantastic. Episode 4 had some of the most enjoyable whatthefuckery I’ve seen in ages. Also feels like they aren’t holding off too much on answering questions as they go along.

I thin Regina King might be my favourite actor.


Massively back on track with 4. Wish the episodes were twice as long!