Watchu lunchin owwaaan?

Seriously, this sandwich guys. It’s fucking incredible. It’s got like crispy things in it, coriander, chicken, wasabi mayonnaise. The only downfall is that it’s in a crunchy baguette. I’m having to break bits of and very tentatively mush it in my mouth for ages. NICE.

What about you?

salt beef mac and cheese, was great

also a banana

these for later

literally can’t get enough of reese’s stuff at the moment

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OOFFFT. Solid lunching there niks. gee whiz.

Not a fan of a crunchy baguette either. Prefer all my food in the form of mush, if possible.

To that end, I had an (East Anglian) baked potato with tuna mayo, peas and beans on the side. Some people would say the potato was a bit overdone, but I barely had to chew. Perfect.

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Fucking baguettes ripping up your mouth. At least it’s not in a ciabatta. Nothing like a big old ciabatta to ruin a sandwich.

I have a craving for a hot dog so maybe veggie hot dog with onions.


Took my team for breakfast/brunch this morning so probably just going to skip lunch/just have something light around 3pm.

I made some cinnamon cookies though that I have next to me.

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…also I read this as a q directed at me as ‘owwaaan’ is v close to what some friends message me when I haven’t replied to messages etc

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til the scotch are not fans of crunchy baguettes and should finally be excluded from all future lunch threads.

Are we getting Scout as an honorary Scotch then? Because that’s a big win for us.


possible NSFW

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went work canteen - turkey, bacon and chestnut pie (with roast pots and carrots) - was actually pretty good, but didn’t notice any chestnuts to speak of

i think the word you’re looking for is ‘chew’

sounds amazing though. one of those for me please.

Nope, pretty sure the word I was looking for was the word I used… MUSH! I consider chewing a more enthusiastic form of mushing.

to mush -

reduce (a substance) to a soft, wet, pulpy mass.

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Just to let you know that I cut my (cheese and pickle) sandwich like this today:


I was having a conversation with some friends at the weekend on this subject and they said the same thing as the DiS consensus.

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I’m not seeing the problem with this.

braces matey, braces. I already think I’ve swallowed a chunk of my braces :confused: crunchy baguettes are a bit hazardous.

Ahhh… then I’ll let it slide in your case. :slight_smile:

For all you other monsters without braces complaining about crunchy baguettes… you’re all MONSTERS


Mounds of salt Beef, mustard, pickle on toasted rye <3

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