Watchu wearin?


I could not be more nondescript today. I need to buy new threads

Show me your most loved band/film t-shirts!

A super cute dress I bought on Saturday

i did upload a pic but realised my unmade bed was in the background and it looked scruffy


that is super cute. Where from?


Oasis! I never buy stuff in there but saw it and my mate was like you’d look fit in that so I got it



I am currently trying to convince myself i can get away with long-sleeved tees/polos. Might mooch about the shops at lunchtime and psyche myself up.


I like long sleeved Fred perry polos

I want my bf to wear a collarless shirt as I think he’d look so good but he doesn’t want to


Dress (black, maybe blue? with flowers)
Black leggings
Grey cardi

No I am not taking a photo


That’s kind of where my mind is at - tried on a couple RL in different fits and …i dunno. I think i can get away with it. Will report back if I buy one.

Collarless is REALLY tough to pull off. You need good neck/collarbone muscles to make it work, i reckon.


obviously not actual muscles ON your collarbones


Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t snooze


This is very DiS, in my mind at least. In a good cardi way




h&m tshirt
primark black skinny jeans



Club jeans-and-a-tshirt may be boring, but we are at least consistent


Was going to wear my black jeans but I took them out of the drawer and the zip was fucked on the fly :frowning2:

I hope it broke in the wash and I didn’t wander around flying low for ages before…


Have you washed your hair again?

Also where’d you get the shirt?


I’m really glad it’s getting colder now as i’m immediately aware if my fly is undone


at work so:

white shirt with dark and light blue pinstripes from uniqlo
blue v neck jumper from uniqlo
purple (it’s actually really fine red and blue stripes, but looks purple) tie from moss bros
dark grey work trousers from uniqlo
dark blue vans

don’t have to wear a tie but at the moment I feel like making the effort. this obviously doesn’t extend to my shoes though…


i saw THREE different pairs of Vans i love in covent garden the other day. All of them only went up to 11s. Once again, I am relegated to buying Adidas from amazon US, because apparently no one caters for the clownshoed except converse (because they make actual clown shoes)


Hey baby