Water Bottles

It seems that everyone in the Netherlands has one of these Dopper brand water bottles.

What’s so good about them? What am I missing? It just holds water, right? Is this the same in the UK? What happened?

What water bottle you rock-rock-rockin’?


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Got a Chillys one, pretty good, keeps cold stuff cold and hot stuff hot (for ages, actually - made some tea in it one morning, forgot about it, it was still warm the next day [24 hours later])



I want to get in on the game with having a large, ostentatious water bottle that every other cunt seems to have these days but Lord help me

So many beautiful bottles for such wonderful prices I cannot possibly possess them all.

I like Camelbaks but apparently they shoot people :confused:

Goldie looking chain lyrics blah blah blah

I have one of these but I broke it this morning as it dropped on the floor and the plastic lid smashed up.

I like that it keeps the ice icey for ages so I put ice in in the morning and I still have icy water when I get home.

How cold do you like your drinking water?

  • Ice cold
  • Room temperature
  • Some other answer no-one cares about

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It was a promotional gift.

Carabiner wanker

I clip it to my belt when I patrol the office.


I have plastic water bottles for on the bike, and for christmas last year I got a black Chilly bottle for other trips out, when I can pop it into the pocket on my backpack.

i have one of those doppers. it went weird and smells bad so i’ll probably throw it away

Green one of these.It was on sail in Sainsbo’s. Bit of a pan to clean.

I ~always~ have a water bottle with me, but it’ll normally just be one that has been bought with some other kind of beverage inside (ie. an iced tea bottle, mineral water bottle etc)

Good talk

I appreciate the feedback, I was considering buying one, but that’s exactly the thing I was worried about it doing.

i’ve got a Klean Kanteen one, because it’s Patagonia’s preferred brand and if i’m going to be a capitalist shill i want to at least be a responsible capitalist shill.

anyway it’s an insulated one that holds 690 (?) ml, i refill it probably 10 times a day? it’s great and keeps stuff ice cold or hot for basically ever. great purchase and probably paid for itself an insane amount of times over now, very very rarely buy bottled water when i’m out and about anymore.

You drink 6.9 litres of water a day?

i honestly would say that my daily consumption is at least 5l