🐃 Banal thread to get us through the last hour of the day 🐃



Just ate a pear.

Gonna mooch around Peckham after work. Might get some food. Might see some art. Might see a film.




Waut THIS is more banal than that lifeboat thread?


it’s only 10am for me :crying_cat_face:


Gonna go and pick up some David Shrigley shit for my wife from Tiger. Tiger is now called Flying Tiger, who knew.


it is now


how’s Texas? :us:


Was going to walk into town, then decided I cba, but then missed the bus. Was only going in early to catch the bank before theatre later. Mega CBA now, I’ll do the bank/shop tomorrow. Gonna stay in, have a couple of tinnies and catch the 7 o’clock bus instead. This is almost barleysugar level of fucking banal.




I’m already home. Just going to wiggle the mouse every five minutes or so until about six. Will look dead keen.


quite hot.

some folk at my hotel have a pet piggy :pig2: he was outside on a lead yesterday. determined to get a photo of him at some point. he’s grey / white and fluffy.



what kind of shit?




What’s a good present for a 15-year old boy? He likes BMX, that’s pretty much all I know.


That’s a dog.


Mushroom log.


get him a DMX album and pretend you misheard


How about a bmx?


I heard it oinking before I saw it and thought it was a dog in distress. turns out it was just a happy piggy.