Water Filters

I bought a water filter because the water in Bristol is DISGUSTEN and tastes like swimming pool

I didn’t check if it would fit my fridge door. It does not fit my fridge door. So I’ve had to remove one of the shelves from the fridge so I can stick it on there and the bad news is that this means I’ll be sharing a shelf with one of my housemates.

I did not discuss this with said housemate before doing it.

In fact, I have never met said housemate despite living with her for two weeks now. I’ve heard her, but have I seen her? No I haven’t, I just said as much.

It’s quite funny that I haven’t met her now, I’m trying to avoid her because it’d be funny to go the entire six months tenancy without seeing her.

Am I in the wrong for not even asking? Probably? But what was I meant to do, buy a new fridge? Someone was gonna have to share, because there’s no way I’m drinking that disgusting water again.

So, do you have a water filter?


Another deception by Big Water

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come to bristol and drink this shit and then tell me that, eps.


How did you get the keys?

I used to live in Bristol. Didn’t have a water filter. Still alive (currently).

I just drink water whether its filtered or not usually

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what else

what else

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what keys

I can list all the things that I have had a drink of this week if you want?

it’s impossible to get used to the taste though, i’ve really tried. I know it won’t kill me, I just want to drink nice water

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How have you NEVER met them? Who let you in?

is she going to piss in it ffs

No, that’s ok, but thank you for offering

You’re welcome

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I remember nothing about the taste so I think you’re incorrect.

Maybe the water in Redlands was posh water.

there’s four of us, the landlords gave me my keys, they also gave her hers. Is that okay?

  • If this were me, I’d piss in it
  • If this were me, I wouldn’t piss in it
  • If this were me, I’d get revenge another way
  • If this were me, I’d be fine with it

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oooh, Redlands. Should’ve known.

I don’t know where that is

It’s in Bristol