Good drink, in my opinion.

Widely available.
Can enjoy it at any time of day.
Is good for you.
Feel better afterwards.

Not much taste
Tastes weird when hot
Popularity of bottled water

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I find those drinking fountains that you see in American schools on TV and airports in real life very inconvenient to drink from, and while doing so, I often think I’m very vulnerable to someone just smashing my head down on it.

Also, often not enough water pressure to make them convenient to refill a bottle.


Best drink IMO. Quite variable. I like to have it either quite cold, or at room temperature.

Ideal water temperature for drinking
  • Very hot
  • Hot
  • Room temperature
  • Cold
  • Ice Cold
  • Actual ice
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We already know you freaks literally like nothing better than still room-temperature water


When we got a new school building the PFI guys added in water fountains across the building like this. Inevitably it led to chaos because if you left class to fill up you’d get lumbered with maybe 5-10 water bottles from the other lads. Just floundering with all this water

Subthread: Best tapwater you’ve ever had.

Personally, it’s wherever I am now! Over time I just get used to the imperfections and then it just becomes my jam.

Pretty Fucking Incompetent

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anywhere the water is not hard.

and by jam I mean preferred water

Water hardness preference
  • Almost solid
  • Hard
  • Mid
  • Soft
  • Super soft
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Me, at a bar not drinking tonight:

Just some tap water, please

Cost? Zero pounds.

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and how you feel can make it real

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  • Indiff
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water: the water of life

Favourite form
  • Steam
  • Water
  • Ice
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I’ve no idea what people mean by this.

  • Same
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Worst drink in the world, will only drink it if there’s nothing else available and i’m gasping.

Ice is phenomenal though


The simple definition of water hardness is the amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium in the water. Hard water is high in dissolved minerals, largely calcium and magnesium. You may have felt the effects of hard water, literally, the last time you washed your hands.