🍉 Sunday Evening Thread 🍉




What is everyone doing with their Sunday evenings? I’ve just come home from a family dinner at my aunt’s house. Gonna have some rosé soon. I was trying to get someone else to come and drink rosé with me, but no one’s available which is fair enough for a Sunday. So instead I’m gonna drink it own my own (it was payment for babysitting t’other night, so free wine!!!) and start working on a youtube playlist for my birthday party. It’s not for a good while still (mid November) but I always start way too late with these things so might as well just get started.

Next week: going to be working a lot on planning and organising this little film festival here in Oslo that I’m coordinator for, then at the weekend I’m presenting at a film seminar which is run by the organisation where I’m chair. Don’t get paid for it but get a lot of attention and a free meal (including drinks!!!), so that’s something.

Tell me about YOUR upcoming week!


Tonight: dinner, reading.

Week ahead: got loads of work to do, but I’m turning into one of those massive weirdos who likes their job - almost sent a work email yesterday - so I’m not too bothered.

Monday night I’ve got a nerdy card game tournament in the pub. Tuesday I’ve got a seminar/networking thing, which I might use as an excuse to work from home. Thursday I’m helping former colleagues with professional exam prep, so probably marking papers on Wednesday. No plans for Friday yet.


saw the pizza slices, knew it’d be you.


It’s watermelon. This is pizza: :pizza:


so it is! nice. already in bed, like a baby. might watch something, might just stare at the walls.


I’m just having dinner at my parents’ house. Then back to my flat for sad drinks alone whilst I find something good to watch on Netflix or Amazon. Any recommendations for films? (Especially horror)


Anything good on?


about to use a pestle and mortar for the first time ever to make my first curry paste ever. Usually my curries are pretty tasteless so fingers crossed this does the trick!! Putting sweet potato in it as well so I think it technically counts as ‘fusion’ and therefore automatically better.



In the airport, leaving Berlin. Think most people would at least like this city. I love it.

Due back about midnight, day off work tomorrow.

Wednesday off to see moderat

Saturday Leeds Utd v Barnsley.

What’s made the playlist so far?


Generaly anything from the 70s/early 80s, that’s the best era imho. But I don’t really know what’s on UK Netflix, so don’t know what there is to choose from. Give us some titles and we’ll tell you what’s the best innit.


Wolf of Wall Street


did you watch star wars the other night? nah, me neither


It’s going to be all new-ish Norwegian vids, so I’d guess nothing you’ve seen tbh. But these are the only two with English lyrics so far:


ohhh and this one cause it’s cute


Just found out recently that my dad still hasn’t seen TFA. Wtf, dad.


I’m not working tomorrow so I’m on my third G&T. I’ve nearly run out of gin and I’m tempted to open a bottle of win.

I will be spending tomorrow doing ironing and marking; I need to buy Newcastle - Ipswich tickets too. Tuesday is my birthday but I’ll be at work all day. Wor Lass says I have plans but I’m not allowed to know what they are. Wednesday is football, hopefully. Thursday and Friday are unstructured time. We have tickets for the Glasgow Pizza Festival on Saturday.


I’m gonna make a little roast thing I think. Then watch some TV - maybe Friday Night Lights. Should try for an early night but I’m not very good at those!


Sounds like a good plan tbh




Never heard of a pizza festival. Sounds the best thing ever :+1:


I don’t watch horror if I can help it, but What We Do In The Shadows is on Netflix along with Super Troopers.

They’re comedy.