Waterproof jackets

For someone who has lived in glasgow these many years i have rarely owned waterproof stuff. Anyhoo, i’m off to islay this weekend for a wedding and while the weather looks decent some showers are due.
Also off to a stag in lake district next month.
Thought it was about time i bought myself a waterproof jackets. What you recommending Dissers?! Don’t want to spend stupid sums.

Key question tbh is do you want this vibe

Or this one


is neither an option?! :slight_smile:


Serious answer seems like Waterproofs are well expensive at the moment a basic keeler (think they are called keeler) are pushing £300.

I’m the kind of guy who seems to constantly be buying lightweight waterproof jackets and then finding myself absolutely soaked when wearing them in the rain


You can get a Berghaus Goretex technical jacket for somewhere between £100-£150. Had mine for 2 years now and use it loads. Never leaked either.


I got a Berghaus soft shell jacket that is perfect for my needs, I would recommend. Think it was roughly 70£

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I have one of these (in olive green):

It’s basically a very expensive cag-in-a-bag.

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quite like that, is it at all warm or just to keep you dry?!

It’s really just for showers, it’s very thin so doesn’t work as a winter coat. Has a nice kind of rubberised texture to it.

Tbh my wife steals it so I rarely get to wear it.

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Go to Decathlon. Best value for money you’re gonna get.


I have the perfect waterproof jacket but it is a fjällräven so unfortunately it is stupid money

They last forever though so maybe you can find one second hand?

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Living in the London riviera, I rarely need a fully waterproof solution. However, if I absolutely know that I’m going to get rained on then I’ve got a not very stylish but completely bombproof (like, I would wear it on a North Atlantic trawler) one of these…

Has never leaked…

Got one of these (diff colour). Does the job. Nice and lightweight so good for these weird Scottish summer days where it’s roasting one minute and pissing down the next.

Do you want something that’s actually water proof or is water resistant ok?

i think water proof would be best

The prices of some of these!

Just buy a Peter Storm cagoule mate. 33 quid on sale at Millets


The pacamac types might be even cheaper

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those look pretty decent

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would really recommend the uniqlo blocktech range

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