Watford & Nearby

I might be in the area for the day on Saturday.

Are there any nice shops, cafes etc in Watford itself or any nice surrounding areas worth seeing?

Any nice parks?

All reco’s welcome. Ta

Cassiobury Park is quite nice.

That’s about it for my Watford knowledge.

They had couple of OK folk revival albums in the mid-60s

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There’s a good little record store cafe (called, imaginatively, The LP Cafe).

I’m also going to be in Watford on Saturday, I think I’m being taken to watch the football by my inlaws.

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Paging @he_2

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Good recommendations so far. I’ll be honest, Watford is a bit of a cultural desert.

Cassiobury Park is huge, and lovely. The Grand Union runs through the bottom end. Not sure if the little train will be running, but that’s fun.

The town centre itself is pretty formulaic and chain-central.

The aforementioned LP Cafe is an oasis of sanity (run by my best mate’s cousin and her fella). If you’re after a drink, then Mad Squirrel has a tap room and good range of beers, while the Two Trees micropub on Vicarage Road is only a five minute walk from town.

Shops, not really my thing. There’s a good selection of decent charity shops, if that’s your thing. Food wise, can’t recommend Tarboush highly enough - a Lebanese place. Again, most places are chains. Cassio Lounge is a fave too.

Other than that… Merry Hill is a lovely walk in nearby Bushey with some quite nice views.

If you can get to St Albans, about 20 mins away by car and (infrequent) train, I’d do that.

If anything else comes to mind, I’ll post.

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Saturday night, Sanctuary Studios is hosting an acoustic night and jam. 3 acts performing and then they open all the jam rooms for people to have a blast. £10 and BYOB, includes access to rehearsal rooms until 1am. Should be fun!

Thanks for this, very helpful.

Cheers for that. Had no idea that was there. Will have to check it out the next time I’m in that area.