Very good innit?

Love Waxahatchee. Love this.

not heard it yet but just like to say i love her music so yes woo!

Great stuff, looking forward to the rest of the album

I love her/their stuff. Tickets for The Garage on sale tomorrow.

Oh. Actually, Thursday.

Absolutely ace - Just listened to it five times in a row!

Here are the album details:

That’s rather brilliant.

Got my ticket for her show at the Garage :+1:

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Another new song:

Another winner, I’m really looking forward to the album now.

Yeah it’s a shame that this didn’t make the album but it shows what strong material she’s got knocking about!

Wow, always a good sign when someone has an album ready to go and they’re already putting out great music beyond that.

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Oh god please let them play another PS Eliot show sometime, somewhere, ever.


I’ve been wondering if Allison might open for Katie on some of UK dates especially as they are both over here at the same time for End of the Road festival…

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