Saw her play at sled island couple weeks ago and she was terrific, really looking forward to getting into the album this week


I’d not actually listened to any of her previous albums, but this is great! Especially the opening track. Wish it was a bit longer is all.


picked this up in hmv yesterday on cd lol

took fucking ages to find it, was hidden on the bottom shelf of ‘recommended’. only 2 copies left

anyway, blasted it in the car on the way home and its fucking great isn’t it? got it on now too, love Sparks Fly

some good rock albums this year ent’ there?


Yup, like this, unsurprisingly as liked her last two albums. Hope she does the full UK/EU tour this time, pulled out last time I seem to recall ?


in september if i’m not mistaken


Here’s the full touring schedule:


Already got my ticket for the London date. Out In The Storm is an absolute belter! Loving it so much! The Crutchfield sisters are totally dominating my stereo this year :+1:


This is a great record!


Yes, it is! (Dunno why it’s listed as a single. MODS!)


Yeah. Both albums from Crutchfield sisters have been brilliant. Is Swearin’/Allison supporting Waxahatchee?


Facebook seems to suggest Allison will be suppprting and I guess as she’s part of Katie’s touring band, it makes sense! A couple of Swearin’ numbers as part of an encore, maybe? Have you seen either of them live previously?

Another great write up as always @Severed799 :+1:


Really like the new album. The more polished rock songs work really well (as they did on the last album) and she’s just really streamlined her songwriting without losing the charm of the old stuff. 8 Ball still sounds like Cerulean Salt (probably still my favourite Waxahatchee album) so that’s great.

Actually it’s kinda funny how Katie and Allison’s songwriting diverged for a while when they started their solo careers (American Weekend and the first Swearin’ album are light years apart) and now their new stuff actually sounds pretty similar - you could slip Recite Remorse onto the new Allison Crutchfield album, or I Don’t Ever Wanna Leave California onto Out In The Storm and it wouldn’t jar at all.


I’ve seen Waxahatchee around three or four times. I think Swearin’ we’re definitely the support band at The Electric Ballroom a few years ago.

Waxahatchee supporting Tegan and Sara at The Troxy was a brilliant double bill too.


Ah fantastic! Dead excited for September now. Have you got tickets for the Garage show?


Yeah. I probably got mine when tickets went on sale. I’m a big Waxahatchee fan. Ivy Tripp was one of top five albums in 2015.


Not to be a typical indie whiner but I miss the production from Cerulean Salt, the more polished sound just takes away some of her charm and intimacy for me. CS is one of my favourite albums for the vibe and atmosphere it creates and the last two haven’t felt anything like that.

That complaint made, all the new upbeat songs are still total crackers - though not so keen on some of her more skeletal ballads. Doesn’t seem her strong suit.


They’re not really upbeat though are they? Like pretty much every lyric here is a dagger


Oh absolutely, I just meant the rockier songs as compared to the ballads then. Plus I haven’t given the lyrics a deep dive yet, just a few surface listens so far.


I liked the older acoustic stuff better and I’ve got the mp3s from 2011 to prove it!

I’ll probably give this album a proper listen when it gets cooler and the nights start drawing in.


I much prefered the tunes she used to whistle as a child, but this is ok. I guess.