The songs her mum sang to her when she was just a foetus really resonate with me the most but everyone has different tastes eh.


I wish I had written this post :heart_eyes:


Got my Brudenell ticket :slightly_smiling_face:


Really impressed by this LP…I dug the prior releases too although my affections faded with time…have a feeling this one will stick more…sound is more fully formed, tunes are strong and the pleasing Breeders influence (at least to my ears) remains


Excellent. Allison Crutchfield is supporting at The Garage. Both sisters have had stunning albums out this year.



So, with a few more listens I’ve realised what my issue is. First 7 songs are all uniformly fantastic, kept wondering why I had been so down on the album before. 8 Ball, Silver and Recite Remorse is as good of a run of tracks as she’s ever put together.

But then it ends really weakly, A Little More and Fade are two of the least memorable or engaging songs she’s ever written. The lyrics have some punch to them but they don’t stick with me when combined with such … dull arrangements. No Question is pretty good but still below the other 7 for me, so it ends with the 3 worst tracks on the album. Less of a songwriting issue and more one of sequencing, but it just means I feel disappointed every time the album ends.

Still, very good obviously.


what? Fade is beautiful! I’d go along with the other two maybe being a tiny bit weaker though


Nope just does nothing, I’d go as far to say it actively bores me.

Wish she’d had room on the album for No Curse, it’s great and would have slipped in with no bother. Goddamn artists not doing exactly what I want!


Stage times for The Garage:
Allison Crutchfield 8:30pm
Waxahatchee 9:30pm


If anybody has a ticket to sell for Manchester tomorrow pls pm :slight_smile:


Excellent set. The Garage usually has arseholes talking loudly at the back. As with their Electric Ballroom a few years back where it’s similar, the Crutchfields and the bands tonight shut almost everyone up with a great set.


Was so gutted to miss this in the end!! Glad to hear you had a good time (despite the chatty arseholes) and that the Crutchfield’s put on a great show! Still listening to Tourist in this Town & Out in the Storm weekly.


Sadly I saw this show at Komedia and they have a nasty habit of really over extending their sound system and it just ends uup sounding distorted :frowning:


Hello, Waxahatchee thread! This album is still on heavy rotation for me, I even splashed out on the LP this weekend. Bloody love it, easily top 5 of the year for me, and it’s a strong year.


saw her last night in berlin, it was great!


Did the Berliners do a little whoop in the song where she mentions Berlin?


Nah but she introduced it as such so people responded then. Berliners are too cool for school :sunglasses:


New UK dates announced, just got tickets to see them in Brighton on the day before my birthday! :smiley:


oh how i wish cool bands played further south


Anyone else going to the Oval Space gig on Monday? I’ve been listening to their albums again. Such a stunningly understated brilliant band. Looking forward to the gig hugely.