I’m seeing them in Brighton at the weekend and am very, very excited about it! :grinning:


Band On The Wall on Wednesday for me, really excited, spent the morning bumping all the Waxahatchee and PS Eliot stuff.


Brudenell tomorrow for me


me too!!


I’m going to the selfie thread to memorise your face.


Should be easy enough, white middle aged bearded male. Doubt there will be many people there like that


Underrated is right. Saw her at Primavera last week but considering Brudenell, depends on how shitty the motorways are tomorrow as driving back home up north from Brighton.


Excellent gig just now. One of the few artists that can hush venues like Oval Space and The Electric Ballroom a few years ago where the crowds are usually noisy chatty. Hopefully, a new album soon.


IMO much better live solo…the band drowns out her voice.


Any of you absolute legends know the stage time for tonight?


Oh, meant to post in here and say the Brighton gig was well good.

It felt a little short and I don’t think they were enjoying the lack of audience reaction, but I still loved every minute. Especially Never Been Wrong, Silver, Coast to Coast, Under a Rock and 8-Ball.


it was short wasn’t it? It was still light outside for goodness sake



Aceeeee! Any new Crutchfield material is reason to celebrate!


Swearin’ playing The Moth Club next January. Tickets on sale tomorrow.