Another new one today!

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Make that two new ones. There’s another song called The Eye that has appeared on my phone, but there doesn’t seem to be a video yet

that verse part sounds an awful lot like “Suspicious Minds” by Elvis

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Waxahatchee Katie Crutchfield and her band will hit the road on tour this June,

Bristol The Fleece, 24 June
Birmingham Hare & Hounds, 25
Manchester YES, 26
London Islington Assembly Hall, 27

Cut and pasted from the internet.


During Glastonbury :rage: and not really any chance she’s going to play there unless she’s willing to play like 10 nights on the bounce

I’ll be at the Fleece!

So many Scotland-free tours latelyyyy

Ooh, that’s kind of around my birthday time, might treat myself to an excursion to Manchester or London (the weekend dates).

Still annoyed I missed her at Sneaky’s

I didn’t even know that had happened, grumble. Though Stereo isn’t a bad substitute

Actually can’t find evidence of that happening now, maybe I imagined it…

Yeah…the festival could do with something like her too. Lineup is lame as hell as it stands. Long time til the poster comes out of course…

You sure you’re not thinking of her sister’s band ‘Swearin’? I think they played there.

This seems very likely!

Well there’s only like 5 acts out of… probly over a thousand been announced so far so it’s not like I’m hanging my hat on her or anything (and two of those acts are Diana Ross and Taylor Swift so I’m happy either way) but yeah it’d definitely be nice to see her there if I’m not gonna get another chance. But there’s been a few times when I’ve been disappointed with sets from artists like her at Glastonbury, who are smaller indie acts that aren’t party time. A half hour set to about 30 fans and 60 drunks with some audible techno from a nearby bar intruding does not light my fire. Green Man and End of the Road do this kind of thing much better.

I was also referring to all the personal announcements and strong rumours…which are usually quite accurate by this point. I’m not a main stage person…I’ll be watching those half hour sets with the other 29 :slight_smile:

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Probably half the current situation, but not looked forward to an album this much in a long time. Love the singles, love Waxahatchee!

She’s produced another stunner. There’s no stand out track for me but I’ve happily played it on repeat continually since Friday.


think Fire may be the best song she’s ever made tbh