Anyone ever been for a really long walk? Proper pilgrimage style thing?

Been daydreaming reading this website today:

Something I’d really love to do.

I’d like to do this walk

Part of the walk is down the road from me and I do it regularly, but only a few miles.
Reckon I would enjoy spending a few days doing it, stopping at some pubs and hotels. On my own. Bliss

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Broken link?

a few years ago i had a nice summer gap in my work and thought about trying to do the SW coast path in a month. turns out it’s actually pretty massive and would take fucking ages. still like the idea though, maybe i’d just do the north or south coast.


Reckon I could knock this out in a couple of days:

Want to walk London to Brighton too

yeah, not sure what it didn’t like. This site is dedicated to that walk alone, so fuck you LDWA!

Not easy walking! I’ve done stretches round Padstow, up to Tintagel, it’s like climbing stairs half the time.

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yeah that’s the thing, was originally thinking i could do 20 miles in a day but that’d be brutal even on the south coast i think.

Last summer I walked 60 miles of the south downs way from Winchester to Brighton. I wild camped 2 nights on the trail. The last day was absolutely miserable if I’m honest as the weather was apocalyptic and my feet were fucked. I’d tried to pack in too many miles so I didn’t have to camp a third night. Otherwise it was great. Quite often do shorter hikes which involve one night of wild camping.


Yeah, I think 20 miles would be doable on the Essex one I posted, would be very hard going in Cornwall though.

That’s awesome. The idea of wild camping freaks me out a bit, and obviously adds to your load, but I can see the appeal.

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Did a really fun little one a few years back, trekking between accommodation in Bohemian Switzerland (Czech Republic and Germany) for a few nights . Would love to do a more ambitious one at some point.

Also, done in legs, but the Capital Ring in London is a GBOW. 75 miles around not quite inner not quite outer London. The last leg was one of the funnest debacles I’ve been involved in.




if you don’t know it, weird walk is an excellent zine dedicated to kind of old england pagan walks and that, has some good articles



Ever since I read ‘A Walk in the Woods’ by Bill Bryson I’ve wanted to try something like this. There are some amazing walks not too far from me, I’m just not sure I’ll ever get round to doing it.

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Ooh that’s right up my street, ta

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Walked 11 miles from my house to the centre of Glasgow a couple of years ago just because I had an afternoon to spare, the beer when I got there was one of my best ever pints. Decided on the bus back, though have done the reverse walk one night when I was too cheap to get a taxi home.

Yeah I love that book.

Reckon that’s a bit too wild for me, am much more interested in the sedate English countryside, but would love to sample it.

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Yeah, my closest experience to all this was mid-lockdown last year, I walked 13 miles to my office and back, just to see what it was like. Got horrific thigh rub but other than that was very enjoyable.

I get this a lot when I walk too far. Jeans aren’t ideal.

I like going on long walks but I went overboard one day a few years ago and ended up doing my foot in a bit, think I gave myself a fallen arch or something