The North Downs Way and Pilgrims Way run very close to where I live in Caterham. So I’ve done sections of them. I’ve walked to Sevenoaks and Reigate. I would love to actually walk all the way to Canterbury one day.

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Raynor Winn’s book The Salt Path is the tale of doing exactly this. It’s a brilliant read.


Ah perfect, will be checking that out. Ta!

There’s a certain appeal to doing Vienna - Bratislava - Budapest as a walk.

However, I think the scenery would be boring and I know Bratislava is.

Oops, meant as a general reply

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my friend wants to walk Edinburgh to Glasgow, and also wants to do Ashby-de-la-Zouch to Norwich for some sort of madcap Adrian Mole/Partridge literary tribute walk. Could see myself joining him on some of those at least

My longest non hill walks i think are
Reading to Newbury - along the canal think its about 20 miles
Glasgow Green to Loch Lomond - 26 miles (charity thing)

Did 1st leg of John Muir way on Sunday. Would like to do that and West Highland Way at some point

Did the Camino De Santiago from St Jean Pied De Port to Finisterre a couple of years ago, there’s down points but really good fun altogether. There’s albergues (hostels) all along the way, would be a pain in the arse carrying a tent all that way. Synthetic pants & body glide really help with chaffing.


That’s so cool, the big daddy of European walks. Definitely a bucket list activity for me.


Doing the full Pilgrims way from Winchester to Canterbury would be cool thing to do but it’s 146 miles.

But you can easily get on the route from Caterham or Oxted which are easy to get to by train.

Old Oxted has some lovely pubs. The Harrow is actually on the North Downs Way in Caterham and worth a visit.

Same with Pilgrim brewery in Reigate, along with Hopstop in Reigate.

Not really into this kind of stuff tbh. Same with walking up hills just to have a look around then walk back down again.

This is …one way to do it


Did peddars way (or most of it) with threes mates years ago after a levels. Were hideously unprepared (slept in a bin bag in a field one night) and repeatedly told off by the army for wandering into live fire zones. Would be enough material for an inbetweeners revival.

Great fun, highly recommended


I’m halfway through this at the moment! I love the idea of a walk like that but after spending the last 15 years camping at festivals every Summer I am completely done with weeing in the wild. Never want to need to put shoes on to go for a wee ever again.


What were the down points for you?

South downs way from Petersfield to the adur valley is stunning. Pretty average walking from winch to Petersfield mind

I love the idea of this sort of thing, but in practice, I’d get cold in all but the hottest weather, get blisters from poorly fitting shoes (i have a low instep and basically shoes don’t fit me), get tired from carrying stuff, and probably just get bored quite quickly.

The man seems to have an obsession with eating rubbish. Seen another video where he drinks an entire bottle of wine he found lying by the road a few years back

fuck… I’d love to do this

like, if you decide to and maybe want a bunch of walking pals, hmu!

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:smiley: I was just about to say about Bratislava

coached it from there to Vienna, and from Vienna to Budapest. I reckon it looked most interesting in Hungary.

Werner Herzog once walked from Munich to Paris to visit a friend who was seriously ill