Waynes World! Party Time! Excellent!

I think this deserves its own thread today, as it’s THIRTY YEARS since it was released, and there are a few articles about it this morning.

Here’s a cinema promo used ahead of the Addams Family film

And, as already posted, here are some photos of the tie-in book that I have:

Feel free to share memories, clips and quotes below.


(also, why do we have an ‘Entertainment!’ sub-board which includes films, as well as a ‘Film&TV’ sub-board?)

It’s hard to overstate just how much the language from this film dominated the playgrounds of my primary school days. “Schwing” and “Not!” were immediately adopted and it took a few years for them to fade away.


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Never seen it

Has not aged terribly well (and I always preferred the sequel).

Absolutely love it, and the sequel. Was slightly too young for it when it came out but I think I talked my parents into renting the video for me one night from the Spar in our village. Think it was one of the first things I liked that they really didn’t get. Probably one of the films I’ve seen the most in my life. Had them both on a double VHS boxset and I think I’ve still got it somewhere. 10/10.

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Very tangential but i enjoyed this


It’s good but it’s no The Love Guru/The Master of Disguise

(seriously though, it’s great, love the ‘Scooby Doo’ ending)

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I convinced my mum and stepdad to go and see it in the cinema as I’d seen the good reviews. They were in their early forties and didn’t get it really.

Absolute all timer for me. Pretty sure I saw this at the pictures when it first came out, I would have been 7 maybe and I probably just loved all the wacky headbanging, extreme close up, we’re not worthy stuff without getting many of the jokes. Still love it to this day. Definitely told my girlfriend that if she were president she’d be Baberaham Lincoln.

Obligatory mention of how good the sponsor scene is. Cheeky beggers taking product placement money from the brands and then ripping the piss out them in a major Hollywood movie. Excellent!


i remember reading that back then Seinfeld used to have to pay the brands to use their name in the show rather than the other way around, which is mad to think about now

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Amazing stuff

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My dad would have been about the same age when he came with us to see it, but he loved it. He took us to the sequel as well, and used to tape the SNL skits when they were on BBC2 at the same time as the 6 o’clock news.

I was surprised as I thought they’d both enjoy it. Possibly the fact they were considerably older than the rest of the audience put them in the wrong mood from the start.

A friend of mine used that Extreme Close-Up for a book review exercise whilst doing GCSE English. It wasn’t really what the teacher was looking for. He must have seen Wayne’s World at the cinema 10+. I mean, it’s good, but that was pretty extreme.

Funnily enough we introduced our kids to to a few years back, and I still found it really funny. They didn’t get it, obviously, but me and the missus were cracking up.

i’ll have the cream of sum yung guy


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Rivals the Simpsons for three-decades-old quotability. Still love it.


The Shitty Beatles, are they any good?