Ways in which you can tell the time

Kees goes home from work, it’s 16:15 on a working day.

An increase in birdsong indicates that it is the morning.


Darkness generally indicates night time.


The church bells are ringing. Must be 10.30am on a Sunday.

I need to have a poo. It’s 7.35 and I’ve just had a coffee.


Sun in the sky

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Also, I’ve got a really good internal clock. If we’re out for a walk or at the beach or something, I can usually tell what time it is, +/- 10 minutes, without checking the time.

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What time is it right now?


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At night I can get a pretty good idea of the time by looking at the stars & Moon. Not much use if it’s cloudy, alas.

If you work with an American office around 3 or 4 you start to get a shitload of emails

Kick off in the Premier League, it’s not Saturday 3pm.

Ask a friend or a stranger.

Kids start bring a right royal pain. It’s around 4.30.

Some pharmacies have them big green cross signs and they sometimes have clocks on them
Especially in continental Europe



Ditto, I’ve just had breakfast and a cup of tea. Poo within 10

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Wife is in shower, it’s 6.45am.

Upstairs’ kid is jumping up and down - it’s 7am on a Saturday
The cat has turned up begging for food - it’s at least 1 hour before her meal time

I am tired. It is daytime. Or night time.

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