Ways in which you have done yourself


No, not like that. Unless you’re in a very sharing mood, I suppose.

My family are very picky eaters, so when they visit I take them to really boring restaurants where the most daring thing on the menu is the steak pie.

They now get me gift vouchers to really boring restaurants I’d never choose to go to for birthdays/Christmas because they think that’s what I like. Properly done myself there.

Scams you've fallen for

Ended up reading through that dodgy pub thread that was posted in the nice pub thread and somehow lost 20 minutes. I’ve got a deadline at 4


No, I can’t think of anything outside of this website.


Can’t these days, not flexible enough

It's Friday, finally

bit my mouth eating lunch, really hurt :persevere:


You shouldn’t have done that


Sorry about that.


Just realised that three out of the five pages of the job I’m working on are effectively the same so I’ll finish it on time!

Thought this would teach me a lesson about time-wasting but apparently not


Sat on my hand for twenty minutes first.


Created a user account on a music website many years ago.


@epimer - I think it’s pretty sweet that your family get you vouchers for the places you’ve taken them. It’s like an endearing Gift of the Magi-esque fable about giving, and receiving.


It’s not even for the same places. It’s for places that are similar, but worse.




Told someone they were ugly but it was my reflection in the kettle.


Have you tried a spoon? Might look better upside down?


Tried to get my car insurance premium down by whacking the excess right up.

Week after I renew my policy i opened my door into an oncoming vehicles. I now have to pay £800 towards the repair (if i’d kept excess the same would have paid £150 and the insurance would have been a couple of hundred quid more expensive)


This reminds me of when wrightylew would steal other people’s profile pics for his own profile and then just mercilessly irritate the fuck out someone until they’d open his profile and proceed to tell him how ugly/sad/awful he looked.


Scouser. Leader. Leg.


Can use the vouchers to treat your family


Started two polls on here recently that were (far too thinly veiled) attempts at winning domestic arguments. Obvs disers do not poll truthfully in such circs.