Ways in which you have 'flip-reversed' it

I’m currently leaving my phone unplugged all night, getting down to about 10% and then charging it at work during the day.

N.B. It is thursday but try to keep your minds out of the gutter.


I said “flip-reversed it” and then referenced Blazin’ Squad about 25 minutes ago.

No effing way!

why are you doing that? so your house doesn’t catch fire while you sleep?

I’ve started putting food up my bum.


Need to sleep listening to podcasts, charger doesnt reach

nice flip-reverse

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still haven’t worked out what she’s saying:

its your preppinippinflanyet

I did! I was in Trose weighing up whether to get a vegetable samosa with a friend (also a colleague (same person)) and thought I’d get one, however when we met up after checking out he noticed I didn’t get one and asked “Why did you think that you didn’t deserve one?” and I said, “I flip-reversed it like Blazin’ Squad and instead asked myself why I thought I did deserve one”


(the answer was that I didn’t deserve one btw)

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I cant really remember the blazin squad song, i hear shlomo in my head



I think about the background bit of the Blazin’ Squad song all the time

I think of an absolute bell end who used to say ‘flipya’ when trying to ponce a cigarette off you. I am unsure as to where he got that from. He is in my top ten enemies.

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This video is very funny

Would love to see a full top-10 list some time

Pete Doherty looking on in horror


He’s Del Toro’d you there

I’ve started doing the same thing with the phone charging Eric.

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Can only think of my ex housemate, my sister’s ex, my dad I guess, flipya guy, some senior fuck that I work with, don’t like the caretaker at my son’s school who is also a neighbour… will keep working on it.