Ways in which you have 'flip-reversed' it

Why did apple make it so the headphone jack is the usb charge port as well. Why…would you do that?

Isnt like apple to make shit design decisions!!!111oneeleven11


doing same but with my vape device

it’s right next to me if it catches fire pretty sure i’m gonna notice

that chunky looked totally mexico

But maybe not until it’s TOO LATE!!!

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I also do this with my phone out of fear that it will go on fire while I sleep.

Sometimes have a full cooked breakfast for dinner as a treat.

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I recently thought I’d had an electric shock from switching off the kettle at the socket because i got a sharp pain in my thumb while turning it off, but I’d forgotten that I’d broken that thumb and that was what the pain was.

  • I charge my phone while I sleep
  • I do not for fire reasons
  • I do not for other reasons (podcasts)

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and shitting out yor mouth judging by some of yor stuff on here! Oooh burn!

(obviously writing doesn’t come out of yor mouth but you know what I mean)

Not if you’re sound asleep mate



this is a great idea

Breakfast for dinner is a go-to at casa del eric

breakfast burrito for dinner? sorry


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I replaced my old phone recently with an SE rather than an X or whatever it is now. The headphone jack and USB charge port are two separate slots/holes. And the phone actually fits into my jacket pocket.

Things I’ve been slow to realise:

Charge your phone at work. Use their electricity and any faults are just going to write a computer off, rather than conflagrate you while you sleep.