Ways in which you're a GOOD adult

Sorry for the rip-off thread but I though that this might actually be interesting. Then again, if everyone’s a bit like me, it’ll be a (great?) zero reply thread.

In the new flat I’ve started doing a little bit of cleaning every night so I don’t have to do the weekly big clean


I’m very punctual and reliable in my commitments to my family and others


Yes, I’ve started washing up every night so my flat isn’t gross.

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Also pretty sure I always stand my round (please pull me up on this if I’ve done the opposite on a meat, the reason will have been drunkenness rather than being tight)


Most ways tbh tbf. I like to kid myself that I’m still fuck the police but in reality I’m a total swot :-1:


Got a bedside table thing on Tuesday


It’s very, very rare for me to be late for anything.


Try to clean as I go.

I always give my bus ticket to someone else once I’m finished with it.

Offer to help my neighbours with babysitting and shopping.

I try to help younger girls when I see a creep bothering them.


I’m getting a bedframe this weekend. No more sleeping on the floor for us!


Between you and me, I’m getting a second bedframe and mattress etc soon for a spare room that nobody will ever sleep in!

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Good and consistent at life admin stuff.
Cook from fresh (or have leftovers) for the vast majority of my evening meals.
Dilligent recycler

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Pretty much just that I do my laundry regularly.

I feel like a fantastic adult compared to some of my friends and especially my housemate but I’m really not. Reckon I would still be the bad housemate in most houseshares.

I’d probably point out my regular charity work.

I really enjoy deep cleaning

I have made a good career for myself which so far I am juggling with family life

I am a really loving daughter, sister, girlfriend, mum, cousin, auntie, and so on, and I enjoy spending time with my rellies (appreciate this is luck at having (mostly) good relatives as much as good adulting on my part, but I’ve not always been good at enjoying this.)

I am quite chill (or maybe resigned to my fate) and don’t get upset about most stuff that lots of people seem to tie themselves in knots about. I guess at my age I’ve seen a lot of loss, grief, trauma and am much more proportionate than I was 10 or 20 years ago. Which is quite sad in a way but liberating. I reckon really really old people properly don’t GAF and I can’t wait for that in many ways.

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Will you refer to it as the Sin Bin if you and your spouse have to sleep apart for argumentative reasons?

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Because I would

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Good cook, regularly make my own bread

Back in the autumn I started stashing a tenner a week towards Christmas, to try and spread the cost of food/drink/little trips out a bit.

Found it really helpful and so easy to do, so I’m still doing it. Dunno what I’ll spend it on next - possibly if we go on holiday, maybe to get some big purchase (I really need new glasses).

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