Ways in which you're a shite adult

  • Still got a top-up electric meter, fuck knows why. Sometimes it runs out during the night and does a five-beep thing every thirty seconds until you top it up. This morning i had to wade to the shop through the snow at 7am to buy more.

  • Can hardly ever be arsed doing a bigshop so end up in the same shops every day buying food for that evening. Can’t even be arsed walking to TESCOZ sometimes so just go to the corner shop and buy, like, a tin of tuna and some Kettle chips. There’s literally never anything in the fridge bar milk, butter, and a customary jar of silverskin onions from about 2003.

  • White goods break and i just leave them because life’s too short and i’d sooner have, say, £300 in my pocket than a working cooker or dryer.

Could easily improve my quality of life just by being less lazy.

Pretend you’re fully-functioning grown-up below…

Am absolutely terrible with money


I don’t think there is enough server space in the world for me to enumerate the ways in which I am a shite adult, so just assume I wrote down everything yeah?


Both of these.


Regularly ignore minor administrative tasks until they get to the point that they’re causing me way more grief/expense than if I’d just taken five fucking minutes to do them when they come up.


Hate picking up the phone to anyone.

Don’t speak to my parents enough.


i hate big shops. i just buy food on the daily cos i forget what i’ve got in if i do a 100 quid shop or summat.

Do your expenses mate


Thanks @laelfy

cannot abide phone calls.


Literally do have some to do today. Or maybe tomorrow. Monday at the absolute latest.

Can’t do DIY
Terrible with money
Fussy eater
Anything that involves a tiny bit of admin takes me months to get round to

Supermarkets are horrendous. They’re so fucking loud and there’s far, far too much choice. Find them really disorientating and have a strange re-evaluation mid-way through and start putting everything back.


I am still paying for a gym in a city that I stopped living in in July. Fucks sake laelfy!


I’m pretty good with money these days. I think quitting a decently paid job and becoming a student was massively helpful in that regard.

Pretty bad at keeping in touch with people, family included.

Haven’t learnt to drive, which I don’t care about but lots of others insist is an “adult thing” (i’d probably disagree but whatever)

Having to sort out utility providers for my new flat, could’ve looked into who was “best” but I just copied the ones my girlfriend uses.

Blackout blind in our bedroom has been broken for 3 months but we’ve not bothered fixing it because it’s winter so it’s dark anyway (no idea how to fix a velux blind, @marckee?)

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Had top-up electric and gas meter for about 6 months.
Absolutely appalling stuff. Unbelievably expensive, always running out when freezing cold and night time. Such a pile of shit. Get it changed over ffs, takes about a week!

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Mate I literally went with Bulb because I saw someone mention them on here once. That cannot possibly be a sound basis on which to make decisions.


Keep a meal spreadsheet and make a list of what you need is my supermarket top tip.

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Don’t know when to go out
Don’t know when to stay in
Get things done