Ways in which you're a shite adult

Karma, karma, karma, karma, karma chameleon.

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Also replying to text messages, e-mails etc. I park them, wanting to reply with a comprehensive answer, and then keep putting it off because it needs to be perfect.



So bad with stuff like this. I paid for a 3 mobile broadband thing for ages cos it was a fiver a month and that felt like an acceptable price to not have to deal with their awful customer service and upselling.

When I eventually did cancel it they offered me a free iPad mini

(wasn’t actually free)

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Tell you what, if you cancel your gym contract today, I’ll do my expenses.


Waited for my home insurance to auto-renew before shiteing it and getting off my arse and finding a better deal.

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lots of ways - similar things to what’s been mentioned above

Making time for boring admin/ DIY/ shit that needs doing is the no 1 I guess

I’m trying not to beat myself up about it too much though. The reason I’m not getting it done is it’s clearly not that important to me

I’m not making any promises. Remind me at 3pm.

4 o’clock next Sunday it is.

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My dad sent me an email weeks ago asking where I was moving to in the NE.

Haven’t responded but he’s seen my sister since then, so he definitely knows by now.

No point, right?

Also with Bulb.

Girlfriend was like “I’m with Bulb, they’re fine.”



Send him a photo of you in front of the Tees transporter bridge.


also its good to remind yourself of the grown up stuff you have achieved recently.

Last week or so I have

  • sorted out the 0% balance transfer for my synth (actually not that grown up, but y’know)
  • changed energy supplier
  • paid the service charge for my timeshare holiday thing just in time before they start adding fees or interest or whatever

I’m am an adult!

slow clap


i went to buy breadcrumbs to make batter and then i stood there paralysed for five minutes trying to decide between moroccon herbs or lemon & pepper flavour before i put them back and just got a margarita. ridiculously poor adulting there.

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An estate agent keeps ringing me about a house I viewed on Saturday, I’m too scared to answer the calls because I don’t have the heart to tell them I don’t want to buy it.


And haggling. I just cannot haggle a price on anything, feel like I’m being a rude bastard.

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love this

buying a house cos you can’t bear a moment of awkwardness with a man in a too tight suit


The awful combination of a very good estate agent and a shite adult.

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