Ways in which you're a shite adult

I enquired about a healthcare plan with a company, Vitality i think. Didn’t have the heart to fob them off when they rang so i asked them to ring back after 3pm and blocked the number.



How did you decided on an energy supplier? I currently pay more on energy than I spent on my mortgage for my flat and I dearly want to shaft eon up the arse by leaving as soon as I’m out of contract with them in march. But I’m a bit clueless as to how/ what to do to compare deals and tariffs.

Gestures vaguely at everything

All of this. Utterly useless at it.


I had a literally coin-operated meter in the last flat, twice in the course of a year it ran out while I was in the shower at night so I had to get out, dry etc in pitch black and then hope I could get pound coins in cashback at the local Bo’s.

Stupid, stupid system.

I just went on Money Saving Expert and took the deal it told me to take (I used the app of my current supplier to tell me how much energy I use per year)

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I currently seem to be in no mans land where I am turning in to my Dad but still have bad practises of my early 20’s self

was convinced this thread was “ways in which you’re a shite: audit”

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^yup. Join the MSE Cheap Energy Club and it’ll also let you know when better deals come on the market if you want it to.

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Seem to have most adulting sorted, but…

…I sulk. I sulk like a gothy teen.

Being able to drive is so last century.


I mostly pick up food for each evening, apart from having packet and tinned stuff in the cupboard. Because it reduces waste.

Can you reply to mine please? It doesn’t have to be perfect.


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I’m not sure filling up the fridge with endless bottles of radioactive sauce in lieu of actual food really counts as good adulting. It’s bloody fun though.

Got myself in a ridiculous 5 year cycle of going to the dentist, having an absolutely god-awful, painful, miserable experience, possibly involving tooth removal, it being so bad that I can’t bear to go back again until I absolutely have to, resulting in an absolu…


But if you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best!


This is exactly what I mean - I’m waiting to hear back from other people about several other things, and I wanted to tie that all down before I gave you a proper answer, as I imagine that ‘maybe’ is probably not very useful to you at this stage.

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Yup, that is when I did it.

Been meaning to get my one of these removed for about two years now. It’s all fun and games until you’re out of electricity at 2am or so skint that you’re flogging stuff in CeX so you can top up the meter