Ways to improve Microsoft Excel

I select multiple sheets.
I select a cell on these sheets.
I change two characters on this cell.
It actually changes the whole cell to whats in the cell of the first sheet I clicked on.
It shouldn’t.

Better ‘repeat’ function

Default background should be more exciting, e.g. an explosion, some racecars

Better graphics generally. Also a soundtrack.

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Unhide multiple sheets in one go


Clippy, but in very high res 3D

NG+ mode

Be able to do more shit in a shared workbook (ie: freeze panes)

being able to copy Excel Help threads on DiS in VB editor directly, and have it read the thread and know what we want to do. Also for it to boil the kettle and maybe even make a cup of coffee or herbal tea while we wait.

Some kind of experience points system to show you’re improving your Excel skills. Maybe achievements too. Clippy can administer them.


This is a great idea.

Turning it off
Doing literally anything else

It could give you certificates to print out

I don’t think you can improve it, it is a wonderful piece of software

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Battle Royale mode maybe?


Fine but I don’t see how you’re going to get Ninja involved without it

3d spreadsheets. Rows, columns + z-axis.

You could then have a d(epth)-lookup function.

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Cube based


It would do the same thing if you selected multiple cells on the same sheet. Do a find/replace if it’s a specific pattern to be changed.