Ways to improve your brand

Heel turn can always be refreshing

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Sexy and I know it, iirc

Let’s try to get it to 69

You could get some merch done- beer cozies or usb sticks or something. Everyone likes some free crap at trade shows.


I’ve started putting clay in my hair and I bought some rats



Clay for hair

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Have you tried changing your avatar?

I have

What effect does that give you?

It makes you seem softer and fluffier but less trustworthy

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Sounds lovely

Ohhhh I thought you were asking about your avatar :laughing:
The clay’s for volume

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I’m going to guess almost everyone voted ‘69’ and one nerd had to spoil out fun.

Just assumed you were being humorous

never assume that


do you dig it fresh out of the ground?

that would enhance your personal brand

need to be better at skateboarding

I voted 1.


As a DiSer you are 100!

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