⚽️ WC 🌍 Qatar 🇶🇦 Fantasy Football ⚽️

I’ve set up a league for the World Cup fantasy game.

Here’s the link……


Good to see you can pick Ben Chilwell.

Will enter this in the week

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This is another game. It takes a couple of mins. You basically pick how the World Cup wallchart will look at the end of the tournament!

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Have entered, very out the loop and yet to get excited but can’t ignore the chance to try and hold both the DiS Euro and World Cup fantasy titles at the same time.

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Wrong thread!

How to activate chips….

They also do a daily fantasy game. I’ve set up a league if anyone is interested……

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I’ve made some bad choices, but now can’t seem to make substitutions so looks like De Bruyne, Gavi and Bentancur will be stuck on the bench as it keeps saying subs.invalid.count_subs

Think it might be too late to sub in De Bruyne and Gavi because their match day has started

Potentially, had tried this morning at about 8ish. They still show as unlocked right now as well, plus no automatic subs will happen as I subbed on Pickford after picking the wrong keeper for Ecuador.

Could just be that it’s a shit system. It took me a couple of goes to put my team together and save it properly.

That doesn’t sound like FIFA at all

Don’t blame us if you’re shit at this game please. If you would like to make the changes, you know what to do, wink wink.


Is there anyway to see exactly how your players have got the points they have?