🚾♿ Toilets / Parking spaces 🚾♿

Do you / would you use the ‘disabled’ toilets? What about the designated parking spaces at (say) the supermarket?

Disabled loos yes. Disabled spaces no.


Disabled loos: yes.

I don’t have a car but if I did I would never park in a disabled parking space.

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Why loos but not parking spaces then?

Loos I think is OK as you’ll not be in there long. Parking spaces - no.

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No, and no.

I’ve got IBS and anxiety issues that mean I might need urgent access to a toilet. I don’t have mobility issues that would justify using a disabled parking space.

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They always put the baby change in the disabled loos

And I’d only use the disabled loo if the others weren’t an option.


Use disabled loos when I’m with my son sometimes. Very very rarely if it’s just me, but I have done so a couple of occasions.

They shouldn’t do, and it’s against building regs for new buildings.

They are good when you have a youngster to attend to

You get fined if you park in a disabled space and don’t have a sticker I think.

Not that that’s the only reason not to do it but it’s very different to popping into the disabled toilets if the other toilets are occupied.

shitter i’ll be in and out, absolute worse case scenario someone has to wait on me for like two minutes.

Only use Disabled Toilets if all of the other options are unavailable. This happens incredibly rarely. I mean I don’t go “oh the disabled bog looks nicer I’ll just go in there”.

Sure. They’re cleaner and my boss is much less likely to find me.

My son’s very sensitive to certain noises - one of which is toilet cisterns. So they’re a bit of a godsend tbh.

I use the disabled trap in our toilets here as its a bit more spacious.

Zero chance of anyone needing it as this part of the building is off-limits to disabled folk.

^sort of this on occasion, also it’s much easier to sort a Mooncup out in a disabled toilet as the sink is right next to the loo, so often when I’m on my period I need to use the disabled loos

and like japes says, the worst case scenario is someone has to wait to use the loo for a couple of mins?