Feels a but mid weeky?


excuse me?


excuse you?

Well duh!


What day is it really.

Woden is Wednesday, no?

Wednesday, a bit midweeky, certainly not up there with the Fridays and Saturdays but nonetheless a solid 24 hour day for sure.

Giving it a 3.

woden you like to know

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West Deutschland Ist Immer Ruhig


it’s humpday

Just googled that, still lost, great reply.

i typed Woden into Google Translate to see what language it is. it told me it is English for Woden.

Woden is one of the first things I remember learning at school.

Moon - day.
Tue, um, not sure.
Woden, god of spoons - Wednesday.
Thor - Thursday.
Fri, um, forget.
Sat, sit around do nothing day of glory.
Sun - self explanatory.

i do like spoons


I keep feeling like it’s Thursday today, because it’s my thursday, but then I keep feeling like it’s actually Thursday and tomorrow is bank holiday Friday and then I get really sad and the like.

It was a public holiday here yesterday, my brain still can’t cope with public holidays that aren’t on a Monday / Friday. I am in a state of confusion.

Ah, Saturday is actually Saturn-day.

they shouldn’t do that to you, it’s really quite unfair.

Moon - day, Tue, um, HAPPY DAYS

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There are planets being left out.

Week should be extended.