We all discovered these yet?

they’re the ice cream equivalent of Nacho’s goal against Portugal


:drooling_face: :drooling_face: :drooling_face:

How much would a box of these set you back chief?

Image result for arrested development ice cream sandwich gif



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I’ve cream sandwich is an underused format. Oreo ones are alright, Ben and Jerry ‘s was good in its original incarnation but the reissues are weirdly powdery and tasteless. Intriguing by coop’s offering

it will now be difficult not to buy some of these i feel

does maxibon count as an ice cream sandwich?

half of it should at any rate

I’ll allow it

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Can we use the comparator of the B&J’s 'wich for these please?

The Co-Op’s ice cream sandwiches are a lot smaller than Ben & Jerry’s 'wiches (bigger their sons of a 'wich though) although they both claim to be 65g.

Looks like the sun has got to myyada and he’s a little over excited.

What WORLD CUP goal would you be more inclined to compare them to?

Oooooooooooooooooooooooooh. I’ll see if my local has any on the way home.

Harry Kane’s 18 yard backheel. Fine, does the job but undeserving of particular praise (not sure how I could fit fluke in, maybe something to do with a whale’s fluke and hat trick… dunno B&J sometimes wear hats but there are only two of them)

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That’s well harsh that mate, I hope myyada isn’t too upset.

He gets what he deserves. My heart was pumping when I heard there might be a 'wich challenger on the market.

a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream sandwich is gonna be out of my price range, shirley

As with all things premium ice cream, yads, you have to wait like a mantis shrimp for the offers to roll in.

Go on get the Roaster an ice cream for all his hard work