We all have nosebleeds : the quarantine dis simpsons quiz - THURSDAY 16/04 7:30PM

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Depending on numbers I’ll arbitrarily team people up. We’ll do a quiz. There will probably be beeves. Etc.

I’ll post a zoom link in here just before kickoff

I would like to be in for the zoom but I am too useless to actually be on a team.

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Can’t take part but would like to have a go at the questions please.


I’ll drop the questions in here after the quiz?


Awesome, thanks.

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might join in but mildly self conscious about zooming with all you cool people / will probably forget anyway so may just have a go at the questions in here after like Funkman

You don’t need to video in if you don’t want to

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Apu NahasapeemapetilIN

Bang in the middle of kids bedtime but would love to see the questions / observe if possible

I am tempted

My partner’s going to join as well if that is ok, so just stick us on the same team.


I would be up for this but we have a fortnightly work quiz and it is predictably tonight :man_facepalming:

bet the work one doesn’t even have a single Simpsons question


Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter quiz

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just @ing some folk who may be keen


I, too, would like to express my inability to take part but desire to have a go at the questions of that particular quiz.

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Busy tonight I’m afraid - but have a good one!