We all know that M&S gruds are rubbish, but who is doing good ones for men?

That’s right, got some exciting underwear shopping planned for the weekend.

Last time I hit the Maxx and rifled through their weird cupboards of leftovers, actually got some good penguin pants there.

Think I prefer ‘boxer brief’ style (definitely a poll in that!!)

Got some new Uniqlo ones recently. They are pretty good

I’m only here for the poll.

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not keen on the term ‘gruds’

makes them seem worn & dirty


Next have comfy ones in my experience

only opened the thread as i had no idea what gruds are.

I like m&s boxers.

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M&S ones are fine.

Uniqlo ones are better.

MeUndies, use offer code WTF at checkout for 10% off your first order

Is this a real hot UK deal or are you tricking me

I was wryly posting about them as every single podcast seemed to be sponsored by them recently. I’m fairly sure that offer code will work

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rocking some uniqlo ones as we speak, check your PMs for some photos OP x

Please take note.

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I’m buying from Dunnes Stores these days. Good fit, decent material and cheap too.

Why are you skidding your pants?

For pleasure.

Jack and Jones. Perfect balance of room and support.

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