We all looking forward to the FA Cup Final and Eurovision?

  • Yeah
  • Just the FA Cup Final
  • Just Eurovision
  • No

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Great day to be a normie


I’m so excited. Got my hair done specially.

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Don’t mind Eurovision. Used to be a big cynic, but have warmed to it over the years. Obviously it’s a huge steaming pile of shite, but if you embrace it it’s pretty fun.

Sadly you can rarely say that about the FA Cup Final nowadays.


Eurovision peaked about ten years ago IMO, too self-knowing now. I’ll watch it but expectations aren’t high.

The FA Cup final has two bad outcomes. I don’t like any scenario in which I want Chelsea to win but that’s where we are.

As such, I have answered “No”

I do wish that I wasn’t too much of a joyless husk to get anything out of Eurovision. It’s nice that people enjoy it imo.

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Big fan of football and music

Eurovision peaked in 2021

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I liked Euphoria (going u u u u u u u u)

yeah that’s a nice one

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Best Eurovision song of all time


I’m going to pretend I’m watching the football, by hanging out in the football thread and liking posts. I’m simultaneously going to pretend I’m not watching the football, by making sure there’s a TV showing it in the same room, but not staring straight at it for too long at a time.


James Earl Jones Reaction GIF


Watching the FA cup final at home then off to my Sister’s for Eurovision. Have our score cards printed out ready to fill in as we watch each performance.

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I am going to a Eurovision party and I’m very excited.


I don’t think I’ll see the fa Cup final cos I’m going to eurovision!!! and I don’t think I’ve missed it… ever? Might catch the first half. Bit sad about it but don’t want to see Chelsea win anything anyway.

Eurovision will peak when I tell it to peak.


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I’ll be supporting Liverpool, is that not enough? You’re so hard to please.

@bamnan you voted no but I’m expecting your opinions to be in the Eurovision thread

reckon I’m likely to get drunk and listen to regular music tonight, sorry