We all love a thread about an ITV quiz show, so with that in mind: Babushka

It seems to have taken The Chase’s slot but it can’t possibly be a permanent deal.

Any of you lot seen it? Load of fucking shite, think Deal or No Deal but with Russian dolls and a vague quiz element instead of pure chance and it’s hosted by that Rylan lad.

This is NOT a thread about “I don’t know who Rylan is” or whatever, nobody cares that you sail above the mainstream.

Not sure why you’d subject yourself to this dross, tbh, but it’s your life Anthony.

I’ll be honest Epsinho, I saw about 15 minutes and turned it off. Honestly, it’s astonishingly bad.

All of those ITV afternoon game shows are absolutely terrible.

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I watched about 5 minutes of it and could not understand it.

It’s weird.

how am i confused by this show

Thanks Meo, I knew I could rely on you for a sensible contribution.

It is weird isn’t it, everything about it is very weird.


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Why Rylan?
What does Rylan have to do with Russian Dolls?
Why Russian Dolls?
Who chose the Russian style names for the dolls?
What happens when you open a doll?
What the fuck is going on???

I didn’t understand it cause they opened a doll and it was like £500 and then that opened up again and it was like £1000 and then THAT opened up again and it was like £5000 and they were like AAAAHHH NOOOO and holding their head like it was the worst thing ever.

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Bring back Goldenballs, I say

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I wish I could provide you with even one answer to your questions

Never heard of it.

What’s a Rylan?

(only posting for a sweet gif reaction)

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Imagine watching a big game of Plinko, hosted by Ben Shephard, for 1 hour, every single day!

(have you got any more gifs Ant?)

I’m all out