We are a 3rd of the way through the year... Get yer last.fms out

I do love a snoop

Don’t know how mine is so weirdly balanced, I’m sure things would be different if Lady Gaga had actually released her album.

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Ooh, my top five are all women, which I wasn’t expecting.

And then some of them further down the list are from folk who I’ve been listening to a bit to try and figure out if I like them enough to buy.

Struggled to get scrobbling working again for ages.

My Mew obsession was quite something :open_mouth:

I’ve liked a few of your recommendations and looking at that it seems we have similar tastes, probably gonna run through the acts in your top 50 that I’ve not heard :+1:t2:

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Doing a course atm so most of my listening is split between vast swathes of STFU I’m working music (Four Tet, Daniel Avery etc) and new stuff/deep dives I do when I have more time. Means the weekly charts are a bit more interesting.

Been going a bit overboard with the Ambient Dub lately… but it’s keeping me sane in these uncertain times.

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Still listening to loads of shit from the early 90s and other stuff that sounds like it should be from the early 90s

Scrobbling has tapered off a bit since I no longer have the drive to and from work. Try to listen whilst I’m WFH but usually forget to put music back on after I get interrupted by calls.

A bit indie-rock heavy at the top end, which is unsurprising. Good to see Georgia sneaking into the top 5. Really love that album. Dry Cleaning making the top 10 having only released two EPs is pretty good too:

I like that ana frango electrico album. mine’s pretty boring and massively skewed by hgatr binges

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remember when there was a last fm thread every week and everyone would paste their weekly stats?
loved that, would happily do it again


this one is still going

not enough data in that one


Thinking of deleting this now as it’s utter shite, but it’s also nice to have

I forgot my last fm password years ago so I only look at my stats as a lurker. Does it still tell you when you have a ‘super’ connection based on music taste? Was always nice.

This would look a lot different if I’d set up Spotify correctly with it (basically lots more Martha, Charly Bliss, CRJ and Stealing Sheep)

And just lots more music in general

We need stats!