We are all definitely living in the Matrix





Do wonder if our limited intelligence is the only thing that stops us bending the rules of physics in every way imaginable. If we can invent artificial super intelligence that dwarves our own, might we be able to play around with them as if the universe was a piece of software and create all kinds of crazy things, rearrange one thing to form something else entirely, travel through space and time, create immortal life etc? Whether that means we’re currently living within some kind of fabricated existance with pre-determined rules is another matter but it also seems to be perfectly possible.




Wasn’t that the plot of that batshit film with 'er out of avengers?


Urgh, geeks are so ridiculously self-centred. They really should stick to theory and stop trying to branch out into life.


this bit was quite sweet though “there are two tech billionaires secretly engaging scientists to work on breaking us out of the simulation”


i used to work with someone who had a psychotic episode coz he took too many pills and convinced himself the matrix was real

make u think


Occam’s razor, we’re probably not. just a bit silly, tbh.


a bloke or two spouts some bollocks

~day passes~


Tortoise chat! (not the band) potentially rolling, but more likely to be slowly plodding

I mean, infinity is a thing all over the place, so they can miss me with that finite stuff.

and I just don’t think life is ever going to be able to reach that point where designing something as complex as all of this would be possible.

so many holes in the idea. nerds, man.


What if we, or another form of intelligent life can create artificial intelligence that can? I’m still skeptical, but the majority of AI experts believe we can create super intelligence in a relatively short period of time (potentially within our lifetimes). We can’t even comprehend what it might be able to do. This is an entertaining, simplified but mostly factually correct and well sourced explanation of why it isn’t science fiction



Whoa, this is heavy Doc


Ridiculous! There’s no way the Unsimulated are going to let us Simulated just wander around in the Unsimulated world! What if we can’t even breathe Unsimulated air! I’d rather stay Simulated, thank you very much


enjoy your steak!




I’m aware of that line of thinking. still think it’s fantasy, tbh.

but if they try testing for flaws in the architecture, we might find out other important stuff instead, so knock yourself out, Elon.




I think what my honourable friend @incandenza is trying to say, is that we’ve had enough of experts


There’s nothing after death either way tbh you don’t get out that easily


still never seen it so have no idea what people mean when they say this