We are all tories


After creating the anonymous polls thread, I lost that faith


We are all stardust.


if you’re not a tory you have nothing to fear in being called a tory

just sayin’


i vote tory so we have better hot takes in the politics threads


pfft just don’t bother voting, they’re all wankers


i said i vote tory for :fire: takes not your tepid both sidesism!


Of course :wave:

(Does get fucking boring being called one repeatedly though, glad that’s stopped)


Wish that were the case still, but farmers and fishfolk got hoodwinked by the hard-right Brexit wankers at the last election and a lot of us have got Tory reps now.

My MP is one of the Rees-Mogg lickspittles. Don’t think he’s done a single thing for the constituency since he was voted in.


I’m a Tory entryist so that I can vote for REES-MOGG when there’s a leadership contest which will hopefully fuck them up for at least another 20 years


Yes. Is good when used sparingly. Got very tiresome on here though.

“Cornflakes!? Tory!” etc


Chairman? Very Tory. :wink: