We are old

So today I was at work and I said a colleague looked like they were in an east 17 video by virtue of the coat they were wearing. I usually never think of my age, but a 23 old also colleague was like ‘who’s east 17?’

We then explored more and were like do you know who boyzone are? ‘I’ve heard of them’. ‘Blur?’ Nothing.

Kill me now


I worked with someone who was born 2 months after 9/11.


I mentioned in work yesterday that it was annoying having to queue in the long passport queue now after Brexit.

“Brexit?” said Noah, my young workmate.

I was shocked.


Imagine if someone forgot their birthday.

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I would have thought that East 17 reference was well-known enough (like people talking about Pan’s People even if you don’t remember them from the 70s) for most people to know. Anyway, I think you’re younger than me, and I don’t feel particularly old (even though I am objectively getting old) so you’re not old.


This made me feel old


How old is everyone, then?

  • Under 20
  • 20-24
  • 25-29
  • 30-34
  • 35-39
  • 40-44
  • 45-49
  • 50-54
  • 55 and over

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It does freak my bean that there are now adults born in 2005

But you are not old. You can’t be because that would mean i was really old


Good album, though

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I work with a couple of people born in 2000 and they know who Blur are. It just depends how into that kinda thing you are.

Then again, one of them once thought The Stranglers and The Vapours were ‘90s music’

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If this isnt a joke then that’s just wilful ignorance on their part

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Would be lovely to have never heard of Blur


I worked with somebody who didn’t know who Nicholas Cage is (since rectified)

The 21 year old I work with and his mates are all massively into 90s stuff, he had the best of James on the other day and everything. I’ll ask him what he thinks of East 17…


I mean, when i was a teenager and early 20s i was on sites like this talking about music released well before my ‘time’ so i reckon us oldies shouldn’t be surprised when other young people get into music


I’m vaguely aware of them but wouldnt get the coat thing

Oh yeah it’s not surprising really, it’s the same as me listening to say The Smiths at 21 which I was definitely doing. He absolutely fucking loves Oasis to an obsessive degree which is nice.

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I work with a colleague who’s around 22 / 23 and is not at all familiar with the band Nirvana

Think the first time I felt old was trying to explain Zig and Zag to some younger colleagues a few years ago.


I work with a two year old who can barely talk! Loves the Spin Doctors though