We be like #lunchgoals lol!

what bounce u eatin huns


Only had chilli coated nuts last night so a bit peckish now

Might have a couple of celebrations

Really fancy a cheese and ham toastie.


that’s fine but what are you going to eat for lunch :rofl:

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Might be the whole box

Congratulations! Name ideas?

Fnar fnar

Got some beetroot wraps. Think I might fill one with tuna and salad.

Alternatively, CHEESE.

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are they purple

Cous cous, goats cheese and some salady bits

think it’s a burrito for me, clive

Decide for yourself -


Marmite on toast

Gulasch with creme fraiche & haricots verts

that’s fine mate but what are you having for lunch :rofl:

Errriccc, dress as a burrito for halloween please.


Mahi mahi with curried chayote and bulgur wheat topped with spring onions and pico de gallo

The canteen here serves some weird stuff


what’s that got to do with halloween :thinking:

i have a crap ringwraith costume and i’m not about to change it now! (i wont be doing anything for halloween sorry witches!!)

I don’t know about you but if I saw a man-sized burrito running towards me I’d be pretty terrified.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: crap ringwraith costume, eh? REVEALREVEALREVEALREVEAL