We boxing today or what? (Boxing day thread)

Well, are we?

Pondering getting up and allegedly the dump is open so might try to go there and get rid of some of our mountain of cardboard and wrapping paper.

Visiting inlaws later and then going to sister’s for a takeaway.


Kids got enough presents from their grandparents that we didn’t do ours yesterday. Should be opening them this morning. I did some drawings of our kids for my wife and she loves elephants so got her a WWF sponsorship, really looking forward to her reaction.


Good morning all :wave:

Currently sat in bed watching the daylight begin to appear. Looking like a sunny day so might pop up to the coast relatively early before the hordes descend, then back for lunch and have a games afternoon I think.


That’s an incredible Christmas gift from your local council if true.


At me mam’s. The dogs were really restless overnight. I was worried that they’d keep everyone awake - so I came downstairs at 5am to snuggle on the sofa with them. It has not been a restful experience.


Morning DiS! Here’s my annual tradition of posting in the social thread during the holidays…

Had a great xmas with friends and got to bed at a very reasonable time so I am awake now and sitting with the cat. Once my gf is up I think we are gonna make a cake then see my family

Hope you all had an incredible day yesterday whatever you were doing :star2:


Happy boxing day one and all!

Hope heads aren’t too sore, stomachs aren’t too full, and that santa brought you all what you really wanted yesterday.

Lunch at the MiLs today, long dog walk planned first thing, and am hoping to see the Iceland Gull that’s on my local patch to get my year list to 200.

Most importantly though it is the Christmas special of the Detectorists tonight. Can’t wait!

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Morning all!

Last full day in SA today (although we don’t leave Joberg until midnight tomorrow) so we’ve come to a family activity centre in a sugar cane plantation. It’s very wet but somehow not as wet as yesterday when it rained torrentially from about 2pm until midnight.

Currently drinking coffee and browsing Internets.


3 nights staying at my mum’s cramped tiny house with 2 young children #pleasekillmenow
Trying to get the kids out to just walk somewhere.
One just knocked a La creuset frying pan on my foot…
Moving on to the riches of a premier inn family room later to let the misery continue.


It was open. I was the only person there. Significant accumulations of junk now out of the house. Yaldi.


Might do Christmas 2 with the missus later.

Some football to watch first anyway

  • We go again
  • It is done

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Got a headache. Going to a big family buffet later. Feel a bit sick

Listening to Weyes Blood in bed and trying to hold back the sneezing

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Went to get a snack just now in the middle of the night, just ate a whole plate of leftovers instead.


Holy shit, roblox is the worst thing I’ve ever inflicted on myself voluntarily. Hope the wee man gets bored of it soon cause he just keeps asking questions about it and i have no answers.

Makes minecraft look like elden ring.

  • Get up, go to the shop for rolls, square sausage, etc.
  • Get a McDo’s delivered

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Gonna listen to all the various albums that were bought, along with doing puzzles and books and games

short walk, film later

That’s the sum total of plans


What cake?


Lovely, clear morning so in going for a bike for an hour or two.

Watching football this afternoon.

Eating cheese and biscuits and leftover buffet stuff throughout the day. Although I’ve got much less interest in this than usual.