We doing a Wednesday evening thread?

Had nice beer and Mexican for tea

(Baja fish tacos, pulled beef tacos, lime salt fries an macha cauliwings)

Going for a cocktail or 2 now then packing Green Man. Kids got dropped off earlier today. Little sad that I’m not going to be seeing them for 6 days.

What you up to?


Evening @rich-t

After yesterday’s seal content, here’s a wholesome sealion photo, taken earlier at Gweek seal sanctuary

I’ve got a splitting headache, and I’ve not been quite right since I got ill the other week, so I’ll be taking it easy tonight. There’s some Verdant in the fridge, and I don’t feel so ill that I won’t be cracking open one of them though


Liking for the seal. Remember going there…oooh the seal smell…

Hope you feel better soon x

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Anyone want to take my kids for 6 days??

Yeah I will


The smell wasn’t too bad today. Maybe the rain washed it away. Disappointed that the otters that were there last time we visited had gone, replaced by beavers, which are nocturnal so nowhere to be seen

We could do a swap. See what you got coming in ten years and I can reminisce and then remember why I am never revisiting the toddler years. :star_struck:

Drunken noodles eh


Both kids shipped off to school now, empty nest. Went to wagamama and had vegan no duck do buri and it was to die for.

Now in jammies and getting the bathed. Might watch Harry Potter 2 tonight


Everning all.

Had a tin of pea and ham soup and a couple of rounds of toast for tea (had a big lunch).

Going to the cinema in a bit. Think it’s the first time I’ve been since 2015. Exciting!

got fuck all done today but I was working til midnight yday so who gives a rats. out of office: ON

drinking a boozy ginger beer. bangers and mash for tea, NO VEGETABLES


Gin martini (gin, chambord, pineapple juice and grapefruit bitters)

fuck me that’s lovely


What garnish? That looks excellent


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Alright? Had a bit of a stressful day but had a good sing along to So Much For The Afterglow on the way home which seemed to help. Had pork belly tacos for tea now I’m listening to a Sufjan Stevens record for the very first time. Exciting stuff!


This post gets my thumbs-up

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Which one?

That looks and sounds delicious :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Illinois, because of the World Cup.

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Oh, good choice. It takes a couple of listens but I think it’s a nice mix of easily accessible and kinda weird/wonky

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