We don't need all of these! - The "Just Pick One" poll thread


Hello. This is a thread about when there are things that are too similar to each other so we can establish which one we keep and which ones we get rid of. Vote for the one you want to keep.

  • The name Karl
  • The name Kyle
  • The name Carl

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  • Potato smileys
  • Potato waffles
  • Potato croquettes

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Now you do some if you want


I don’t think we need any of those potato items listed.

  • Foppyish’s opinions
  • Other bad opinions

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If you wish to abstain from any poll just simply post the words “I abstain from the poll about” and then the thing that the poll you’re abstaining about is about.


I abstain from the poll about foppyish’s opinions


Glad to see that we’re keeping my opinions and getting rid of the bad opinions.


carlos is the best karl variation

actually probably charlemagne

  • Letters
  • Numbers

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  • Club
  • Breakaway
  • Rocky
  • Penguin

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I’m sorry, this was no place for takes, however hot they may be.

I abstain from the poll about the potato items waffles, smileys and croquettes.

  • Sharks
  • Whales
  • Dolphins
  • Fish

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  • Geese
  • Swans

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I abstain from the letters and numbers poll as I believe both are needed.


Nah, you can just write “two hundred and fifty three” or whatever instead of “253”


But always writing numbers out in words would be a massive faff. I’m keeping digits.

  • Eyebrows
  • Eyelashes

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43770 8007413


Enjoy your new system of number based communication (at Reading!!!)

  • Scotland
  • England
  • Ireland
  • Wales

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I get both. I abstained. I thought that was the point.

  • Rani
  • Solomon

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