We don't need all of these! - The "Just Pick One" poll thread


Struggling with this one


I don’t even know what the difference is so I’m abstaining

  • adidas
  • nike

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  • coffee
  • tea

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  • sausage roll
  • scotch egg

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I voted for sausage roll lol

Things you have been slow to realise

guys i feel that antpoc’s original intention for this thread may be getting lost


Yeah, I didn’t want to say anything but this is becoming “express a preference between these similar but fundamentally different things” when it was supposed to be “select the thing we keep from these things that are the same but for some reason we have multiple ones of them”


I fancy Chris Pine more but I do like Chris Pratt but he kills animals for fun so not into him any more


I feel that my “small oranges” poll was absolutely bang on and I thought it was a good polite but firm reminder to everyone involved what the thread was for however this seems to have been ignored by subsequent poll posters and eric’s comment and your response when a simple recognition from any of those parties probably would have been a simple polite thing to do.


Yeah. Yours was real good, kid. Unfortunately I don’t know why any of those things aren’t just called “orange” so I couldn’t vote.


they’re all radically different from orange but no-one knows what the difference is between them themselves. otherwise i would have included oranges in the poll


Hmm, I think I’m happy with my opinion that any orange coloured fruit is an orange but I welcome your attempts to get the thread back on track.

  • smee’s oranges poll
  • eric’s comment
  • ant’s acknowledgement

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what do you say to these pricks?


It looks like one of those kid’s toy tomatoes that stick together with Velcro so the kid can chop them except there is a spare half and someone has removed the velcro from it.


OK Ant


Never actually had an Orangina


Less fake tasting than the others for sure. Less fizzy, more orangey bits. Just better.


Other: Orange Mirinda