We gonna have a SAULT thread then

The MP3s were free if people wanted so I assume their view is those can be shared around as much as you like (ie anyone here with them would likely share them with you).

Have to say I’d assumed they’d leave the free download on Bandcamp.

CD is still available of course.

Yeah I can see both CD and LP copies out there but I’m guessing nothing is being repressed so it’ll just depend on when it runs out.

It’s not for sale on their website though unless I missed it?

Yeah just a case of seeing where the cd or vinyl is available now.

Kind of frustrating as I feel they almost came up with a good model for how to do a release but have messed it up a bit with the details.

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I seem to still be able to stream it via Amazon. Link doesn’t preview but this what their app gave me.

Does it actually play?

Spotify gives you a link but doesn’t play.

They definitely said 99 days on streaming so if it’s still on Amazon it’s either an oversight or maybe something about Amazon’s terms makes it difficult to remove?

Haven’t played it all the way through but it definitely started playing the first track. I downloaded the tracks at the time so wasn’t planning to stream, was just doing a bit of digging (incidentally they ought to update their Twitter page which has a headline saying Nine is “available everywhere now”!)

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Did you buy it from them? I mean I would expect you can still play it off Bandcamp if you bought from there as I have deleted albums still available.