We had a thread about things you do to wind up your partner. Did we ever have a thread about things that your partner does that wind you up? If not, this is it

There’s fucking loads, but they all make me seem like an awful human being because in retrospect I probably shouldn’t live with another person but that ship has very much sailed at this point.

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Does not appreciate my genius, even when I explain it to her.



There is DEFINITELY nothing else that she does that annoys me.


and that’s why you like hanging around us lot on here so much?

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She’s taken to singing nearly every word she utters to me in the style of a Disney princess and it’s slowly killing me a bit.


He cleans up around me when I cook. Like I’ll have just crushed some garlic and he’s reaching over to collect the garlic skin (paper?) and put it in the bin.

If I make a mess whilst stirring a pot or whatever, he wants me to clean it up IMMEDIATELY which is pointless because I will probably splash or spill it again in 2 mins time.

This is what he does not on purpose.

On purpose he does far too many things to list. He LIVES for winding me up.

There’s definitely a consolation in having a kitchen small enough for only one person to cook in it at a time. Do you ever feel like this is your punishment from a god of some sort?

The kitchen IS small enough to only have one person in it cooking. He’s just hanging about me.

we have done this before

  1. moves all my stuff so i can’t find it - this is particularly annoying in the mornings when she has taken to (and this is very sweet and kind but thats what makes it more annoying) putting my keys and wallet etc by the front door to make my transition out of the house easier, but i always go to where the keys and wallet LIVES (not telling you where as you are all thieves), and then they are of course not there. She is not consistent in moving the wallet and keys etc so I have no way of knowing if they will be where they are supposed to live or will be by the door

  2. passes me things when my hands are full of other things. I only have two hands, please stop doing this.

  3. borrows my phone as she thinks she is always running out of minutes even though she has loads, then doesn’t give it back, so then don’t know where my phone is

there are about a million other things

classic, “where’s that thing I need which I always put on the table… oh of course, it’s at the back of the frodge!”



she does it with every thing, often under the impression that we have discussed the rearrangement previously AND WE NEVER HAVE!

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I now recall in the original thread about this being overwhelmed with the opportunity to vent countless frustrations but not being able to dedicate myself the length of the post required to cover them all.

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  1. ‘while you’re upstairs could you get my bag out for me?’
    ‘yes of course, which one?’
    ‘the black one’
    ‘which black bag?’ (about 70% of her stuff is black)
    ‘the black tote bag’

goes upstairs, opens wardrobe which contains bags, confronted by 3 different black tote bags, picks up one, back downstairs

‘no this is the wrong bag’


also works with stripey tops, and black shoes, and black trainers


She’ll trick me into saying something stupid.

Her: What do you want to today?
Me: shrugs
Her: Cinema? there’s a film on I want to see.
Me: O aye what film?
Her: A foreign language one. It’s called Updog.
Me: What’s updog?


The correct answer there was “fuck off, get it yourself, I’m not your butler”.

I’m such a catch.

Being helpful? Wow how terrible.

Be a cleaner cook maybe, idk

( / needlessly defensive because I also do this)

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i’m going upstairs anyway tho - why would i not want to help?



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Being IN THE WAY or assuming I am not gong to tidy up after myself. Like give me a second to start cooking a bit and then I’ll put the peelings in the bin.

I REFUSE to be a cleaner cook. I cook how I cook and if he doesn’t like it, he can have a ready meal.

I dunno man, if you cook does he have to clean up after as the trade off?

If so he’s just doing his job/making it easier/faster later.

This is an irk for me on the otherside. I cook and clean as I go and leave as little as possible to clean up afterwards (if anything) whereas she will often let everything build up and up and I’ll be washing like a billion pans, utensils etc after dinner.