We invented indie rock


Some good picks here, for the neophyte


The correct answer is ‘no-one’ of course, but I would say Alan Horne has a good claim. Postcard Records were arguably the first indie label in the early eighties to start making music that was definitely nothing to do with either punk or post-punk in either its sound or aesthetic.

Most of what anyone would call ‘indie’ since has links to the records Postcard released by Orange Juice, Aztec Camera, Josef K and The Go-Betweens between 1980 and 1981.

To be fair, Flying Nun followed very closely after, although they didn’t have quite as consistent a vision as Postcard.


Sorry, I read the ‘we’ in the OP as ‘who’, hence why my post seems a bit weird.


No worries, 47 year-old person


some quality songs right there. Love that 3Ds album.

And absolutely love Down in Splendour (of course), though overall I’m more of a Shayne Carter fan, so I prefer Blow to Melt.