We just had a 1 minute silence at work for the westminster bridge attack


hoping to do this in a non-edgelord way but…I don’t recall every having a minute’s silence for any terrorist attack at work before. I think we had one for 9/11 way back in school but…idgi. i’m new at this place, and apparently they’re gonna do one for the Manchester bombing, not one for 7/7, and they’re not sure if they’re going to do one for 9/11 (they did last year, but not the year before, someone just said).

is this a thing? does your work do these silences every year?




My office doesn’t even acknowledge armistice day.




No one in my office talks to each other so we’ve probably observed loads of minute silences without realising.


I think it’s sweet in a way but it seems pretty random.


Yeah, you’d think there’d be a definite policy in place listing the occasions you will be marking.


Minute’s silence / applause (at football matches, because football fans can’t be trusted) are very much more a thing these days than they ever were. When I was young the only one I remember having was a 2 min silence on Armistice Day.


I’m very sure last armistice day, someone at work stood up at their desk and put their hand on their heart for the minute silence



truman show


I’ve worked in offices where people were asked to stand up for the minute’s silence, we all just tried to avoid each other’s eyes though for fearing of cracking up, if someone had their hand on their heart I’d be done for.


When we do a minutes’ silence at work, they sound the bell which also indicates they’re about to do a fire alarm test. Last time they did it (probs November 11th or whatever) I was like WHAT THE FUCK WHY ARE THE-oh.





Who was it on hear who on hearing the fire alarm signalling the start of the minutes silence put on the fire warden jacket and tried to get people to leave the building?

That’s one of my favourite DiS stories.


I think maybe doing it one year on is fine but if its every year it does seem a bit excessive


Someone did that at my work too!


think that was @profk




Definitely sounds like hiim


Very respectful.